HyperChiller Review

HyperChiller Review
HyperChiller Review
Liquid Lab 8/9

The Liquid Lab Team gave the HyperChiller an overall average rating of 8 out of 9 planets! It's just really, really nice when a product simply does what it's supposed to do!

Mike (aka drip-all-day):

After trying out the HyperChiller it might be better coined the “HyperCooler.”  This is by no means meant to be a negative comment… just a little more accurate.   I can envision countless uses for the HyperChiller, including cooling down a room temp glass of white wine, bringing down the temp without watering down a glass of bourbon or whiskey before serving.... the list is endless.  For my test, I decided to give fresh brewed tea a trip through the HyperChiller.  I brewed up a steaming cup of Liquid Planet Breakfast in Bejing, my favorite black tea.  After my water reached a raging boil, and steeping for 5 minutes it is safe to say that my soon to be iced tea was still piping hot.    After running the hot tea through the HyperChiller for a mere 30 seconds I was impressed with the results.  My tea did not come out iced, however the temp dropped from what was probably 190 degrees to what I would guess was 50 degrees.   Although it did not bring my tea down to near freezing levels it brought the hot tea down enough to be poured in a glass with ice without all the ice melting instantly.   Considering the short time frame in which all of this occurred I would say that the Hyperchiller performed brilliantly.  It is safe to say that if I would have let my hot tea sit in the HyperChiller for a longer period, 2 minutes perhaps, I could have had my iced tea straight out of the device.  Additionally, clean up was a breeze and even after containing near boiling tea there was plenty of ice within the unit’s chambers to take on a second round.  In the end the HyperChiller did exactly what it said it was designed to do.  7.5 out of 9 Planets!


Stella (aka the Sipper):

When it's hot out - absolutely no drink sounds good without it being served over ice.  And since patience isn't exactly my strong point - this little marvel was clearly MADE for me.  It's not Harry Potter magic, so you DO need to actually give it an adequate freeze for it to perform but after that it sure feels like magic.  I tested with both cold coffee and some room temp gin (for a gimlet of course).  The coffee was really hot out of a 4 minute steep in a stainless French Press so it was just under boiling.  I gave it a solid 2 minutes and some gently swirling in the chiller and served over more ice Voila - iced coffee, very little dilution after 30 minutes.  The gin was quicker as it started at room temp.  It required just under a minute and tasted like it came straight out of a shaker.  The end result was the shaken chill without all the shakin'! The only drawback for me was the size as it works great for one (and sometimes 2-3 if the initial beverage isn't too hot), but not so great for entertaining a few friends as the refreeze takes some time.  All in all a GREAT product for the impatient - 8.5/9 planets!

Scott (aka Chief Beverage Maven):

Personally, I drink iced coffee throughout the spring, summer, and fall, and occasionally in the winter.  One of the frustrating aspects of making iced coffee is how much it dilutes from the ice melting.  With the coffee chiller, your hot brew will fairly immediately (within a minute or two) become a cold brew and allow the ice to keep it cold rather than make it cold.  That means great tasting, strong coffee throughout your beverage sipping experience.  Yes, you could plan ahead and chill your coffee in the fridge ahead of time – but who does that?!

 7.5 Planets

TR (aka Sud Bud):

Orbital Bliss Factor:  Seriously cold whiskey with seriously low effort.  That is, of course, once i figured out that you're not supposed to fill the main chamber with water.....oops.  In my defense, the instructions were in the box - not open in front of me.  In other words, it's 4 steps, just read the directions.

What brought me back to Earth:  Realizing I didn't want to wait for the HyperChiller to be ready again for my 8th shot.... In fact, though, i did run 2 shots through it and the second was equally cold so that's a bonus - but what if it's me and my closest 10 friends ALL wanting a shot of whiskey at my monthly poker soiree?  Someone's going to draw the short straw and get a luke warm shot.  I wish it were bigger.  (sidenote:  As is, it's nice that it doesn't take up too much space in the freezer though)  (double reminder sidenote:  READ THE DIRECTIONS)  8/9 Stellar Planets.


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