MiniPresso Espresso Maker Review

MiniPresso Espresso Maker Review
minipresso espresso
Liquid Lab 8/9

The Liquid Lab Team gave the MiniPresso an overall average rating of 8/9 planets.  It received very high marks for portability, quality and overall value. Downsides are the cleaning (isn't that the case with coffee makers period) and that it doesn't make enough! Read each individual review below:

Mike (aka drip-all-day):  My first impression of the Minipresso is that it is solid and heavy duty feeling in a sleek compact package.   I am not a daily espresso coffee drinker and was a little intimidated that I might not be able to get the Minipresso to make a nice cup.  I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at its intuitive design and ease of use.  The one piece of advice I was given going into my test was to be sure to tamp the grind.   With that in mind I have to say that I had quite an enjoyable experience.  I found the pumping action smooth and effortless and the result was a beautiful looking cup of espresso.  The crème looked as if it came out of a machine.  As far as taste goes I was incredibly pleased with the results.  Would it stand up next an espresso out of a shop grade machine, no… but the mere fact that I was sitting at my desk made up for the difference.  I found the flavors to be rich and bold… mission successful!

The one negative that I really had was that I found it to be a little messy, especially in the clean-up phase… however that could very well be chalked up to operator error.

I think the Minipresso would really shine for a person constantly on the go and could easily fit into carry-on luggage without compromising space.  With its rugged construction and design in mind, I personally can see myself throwing it in my pack on my next backpacking trip and enjoying a tasty espresso on my next summit bid.

I give the Minipresso 8 out of 9 planets!!

Stella (aka the Sipper): I'm a latte' snob, so lot's of espresso but with milk and a touch of sweet, so rarely do i sip a straight shot or two.  That said, i'm a fan of options and if I'm camping or at home and drip or French Press isn't cutting the mustard I need something that will do the trick w/o costing an arm and a leg.  The MiniPresso fits the bill.  Small, portable, fairly lightweight (unless you're literally counting ounces for your pack and even then, maybe worth it) and creates a damn smooth brew with some impressive crema.  The big factors here are fine-tuning the grind, HOT water,  a solid thumb-tamp before the pump and really tightening down all the attachments so the pressure is at its highest potential.  Nail those, and you just scored yourself a sweet shot for around $60.00. THAT's hard to beat.  It's ever-so-slightly intimidating to figure out the first time, but after a few trials, it can be done in less than 5 minutes - put espresso in, tamp, pour hot water in, pump away (5-8 primer pumps and 10-20 actual pumps).

minipresso camping

Drawbacks for me - i'm terribly impatient so for my double shot fix - i'd have to do this twice and for a latte' i'd have to steam some milk - not a big drawback but worth mentioning.  Finally, you can't expect a $10,000 Italian machined espresso - you just can't - but it's great given its size and price.

I see this as the perfect on-the-go espresso maker - i will absolutely take this camping or use at the office or home for a 3p pick me up - but it won't replace my morning latte.  8/9 planets for me!

Paul (aka Pour-Over Paul): The first thing I like about the minipresso is how compact it is. Sitting about as tall as a pint glass and about as wide as a sausage, this mini coffee maker makes a delicious shot of espresso. Grounds go into a mini portafilter that resembles an oversized thimble and fits snugly into one end of the machine. On the other end, a water reservoir cup is filled with hot water. I like mine just off the boil. The piston comes out of the side of the machine which you then pump. After about 5 or 6 pumps, you feel the mini espresso machine pressure up and espresso starts to slowly extract with every pump. If you time your pumps smoothly and consistently, you can actually get about a 20 second extraction. Although it comes with a mini plastic shot glass, I like to make the espresso into a clear glass so I can watch the crema develop which starts happening almost instantly.
minipresso shots glass

Although I do not typically drink espresso shots, it makes a very tasty and drinkable shot which I have had many times now. I also sometimes pour hot water over the shot and make an Americano if I want it to last longer.

Scott (aka Chief Beverage Maven): You can’t help but to think ‘submarine’ when you see the MiniPresso, especially when the piston is released.  It’s basically a nuclear submarine for espresso that nearly fits in your pocket.  I’ve tried a number of portable espresso makers, and I’m typically disappointed.  Not the case with the MiniPresso.  I did have to read the directions, which I hate doing, but once I did, it all made sense.  I had to calibrate the grind a few times, but once I dialed it in, it made amazingly solid espresso.  I’m an Americano guy, and I travel a lot.  I usually travel with an AeroPress – which I consider to be a happy medium between French Press and espresso – I’m now going to bring the MiniPresso with me (which hopefully the TSA will not confiscate), and start making actual Americanos right in my hotel room.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s the only thing those cheap%$!# coffee makers in hotel rooms are good for is making hot water so I can use my own coffee and coffee maker of choice to make an outstanding Americano regardless of where I’m at.   8 Planets

TR (aka Sud Bud):  What set my axis spinning:  The end result!  I was shocked how easy it was to make a great shot of espresso without having to spend a fair chunk of change for a machine that requires a plumed-in water line and electricity!  The look of mystified bliss in the bleary eyes of my wife when I cranked out a shot for her at 6 am before work was worth the price of admission right there.   Pouring a second shot into a clear glass, this hand held beauty laid down the Creme and the layer after layer of velvet richness that is a great espresso shot.

At right around $60 this is a piece the serious espresso junkie cannot be without.  In fact, it will probably cause them a fair amount of consternation that they spent as much as they did on that fancy home machine a few years ago. Black Hole Factor: One trick pony. I love a good espresso shot, but this is not the device to be making quad shot Americanos for a group of co-workers or friends. 9 out of 9 - Celestial Perfection

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