Liquid Planet Cocoa

Aztec Spice:

The history of chocolate as a beverage is as rich as the cocoa itself. Made famous by the Aztecs of Mexico, Montezuma celebrated the drinking of chocolate for its divine qualities and spiritual energy. Our organic cocoa is  rich & smooth with hints of pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and just a pinch of cayenne.

Cloud Nine:

Using only the finest Peruvian cacao beans, this exotically rich and velvety smooth cocoa is pure liquid bliss.  With only 4 organic ingredients (cacao, cane sugar, vanilla and sea salt) - it is as pure a cocoa as you'll ever find!

Both of our cocoas are:

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup- FREE
  • Preservative-FREE
  • Made with sustainably and ethically sourced cacao
  • Made with Gluten-Free ingredients
  • Small batch blended in the USA

    Liquid Planet Cocoa: 100% Pure, 100% Better for the Body, Soul and Planet!

    Available in: 12oz. retail tins or 10lb. bags.