Liquid Planet Coffee

At Liquid Planet, we love coffee! Our mission is to bring the essence of extraordinary farms right to your cup. So we search and appraise coffee farms all over the world to find the absolute best green (unroasted) beans. We get to know the farmers, their families and communities, and the land from which the coffee is grown. This allows us to masterfully roast each coffee to perfection, bringing out the fullest flavor profile of each and every coffee we offer. Each Liquid Planet variety is a unique Organic, single Origin, coffee. Like fine wines boasting grapes from a single vineyard, coffee beans from the same area create a flavor profile simply more clean and robust. This distinction becomes evident in the unique flavor profiles of our regional coffees. Each Liquid Planet Origin coffee is also certified Organic. It is our mission at Liquid Planet to provide products good for the body, soul and planet. Coffees produced organically are grown and harvested naturally, pesticide free, creating not only a product better for the human body but also better for the sustainability of the land. Coffee is a blend of art, science, passion, and people. We welcome you to experience the best coffees of the world with us. Available in 12 oz or 5 lb. bags in the following organic origins and signature blend.
Guatemalan Sweet, Creamy & Nutty - A high altitude coffee full in body and rich in flavor - our most popular single origin, organic coffee.
Ethiopian Sweet, Spicy & Fruity - Where all coffee originated from - hints of cherries and blueberries with a long, resonant finish - like drinking sunshine.
Mexican Smooth, Bright & Lively - A silky, well-balanced coffee to be enjoyed any time of day - for example, right now.
Sumatran Smokey, Complex & Heady - Very rich, smooth and full bodied with low acidity - an excellent compliment to a fine dessert - in fact, it could be dessert.
Liquid Planet Blend Bold, Balanced and Smooth - Our signature, perfectly balanced blend, using four different coffees from the main growing regions around the world. and then roasting each separately to bring out their fullest flavor profiles. Simply - a masterpiece. Also available in decaf.