Liquid Planet Smoothies

Liquid Planet smoothie and frappe mix is simply - well, SIMPLE AND PURE.  Made with organic ingredients, it is all natural - no additives, no artificial flavors, no dye ~ just pure and sweet flavors that enhance smoothies, shakes, frappes and more.  With only 5 fantastic (and pronounceable) ingredients you can be sure you're only putting the best of nature in your smoothies and your body.

Create your masterpieces by adding fruit, tea, seeds, peanut butter, chocolate or just about anything for a luxuriously smooth and sweet texture.

Our pure & natural smoothie and frappe mix is currently only available in bulk 10lb. bags in both our Original All-Natural Base and our New Dairy Free Coconut Base (6 fantastic all-natural & organic ingredients!).

Mixed right here in Montana with organic and all-natural ingredients.

Both our Original & Coconut Bases are naturally gluten-free but are mixed in a facility that processes many allergens including nuts & wheat.