Liquid Planet Tea

Our teas are masterfully crafted and hand blended with premium organic tea leaves, flowers, herbs and spices for the finest estates and gardens in the world. All Liquid Planet Teas are made with 100% certified organic ingredients, continuing our tradition of offering products good for the body, soul AND planet.

We offer our teas in 2 lines - our Signature and Gourmet.


  • Breakfast in Beijing (Black)
  • Earl Grey (Black)
  • Mumbai Chai (Black)
  • Orange Mocha Maté (Maté)
  • Imperial Green (Green)
  • Zen Mountain (Green)
  • Citrus Oolong (Oolong)
  • South African Sunset (Rooibos - Herbal)
  • Chocolate Safari (Rooibos - Herbal)
  • Starry Night (Herbal)
  • Fruit Harvest (Fruit - Herbal)
  • Chamomile Mint (Herbal)


  • Blueberry Black (Black)
  • Cinnamon Apple (Black)
  • Enchanted Voyage (Black)
  • Fortune Cookie (Black)
  • Coconut Island (Black)
  • Peppered Bacon Maté (Maté) (Green)
  • Jasmine Pearls (Green)
  • Papaya Cove (Green)
  • Spirit of Shen Nung (White)
  • Crimson Berry (Rooibos - Herbal)
  • Ginger Pear (Rooibos - Herbal)
  • Lemon Berry (Herbal)

Our Signature line is available in:

  • 1lb. Loose Leaf Bags
  • 50 ct. Biodegradable Sachets in a Compostable and Biodegradable Individual Overwrap.
  • 100 ct. Biodegradable Sachets
  • Retail Packaged 15ct. biodegradable sachets
  • Retail Packaged 2 oz. loose tea

Our Gourmet line is available in:

  • 1lb. Loose Leaf Bags
  • 100 ct. Biodegradable Sachets

    Signature Iced teas are available in:

    • 24ct. 1 gallon brew pouches

    Iced Tea Flavors available in:

    • Black
    • Citrus Green
    • Crimsonberry Herbal Rooibos
    • Vanilla Rooibos

    *All Liquid Planet Teas are Organic, gluten-free and kosher certified.

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